AMP 101 - AMP Templates
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AMP HTML Code examples

The intention is that websites with rich content load instantly. In addition, get smart ads work together with AMP html code and content, intended as a user-friendly answer to adblockers. For…

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google amp error report in searchconsole

AMP in Google Search Console

Put AMP Error Report on your day-to-day Checklist Google and partners are actively working on speeding up the mobile web and improve our mobile browsing experience —Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP in…

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amp html templates for developers

AMP HTML Templates

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google has set up this new framework, called AMP HTML. This framework is completely open source and is built with and based on existing…

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how does amp html work

How Does AMP HTML Work?

AMP is a set of new techniques that has to seriously increase speed of mobile web browsing. AMP isn’t intended to be a full replacement for all the rich, interactive and dynamic content you may…

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google what is amphtml amp


In case you are wondering why you should use AMP HTML for your website, it is the best idea to take a close look at the benefits that mobile users…

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what is google amp html

What is AMP HTML?

As presently digital media users agressively are shifting towards mobile web and leaving desktops, hence the way they consume media is also drastically changing by the day. We are living in…

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