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Put AMP Error Report on your day-to-day Checklist

Google and partners are actively working on speeding up the mobile web and improve our mobile browsing experience —Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP in short — and it’s the latest open source project to optimize mobile page loading speed. If not yet done publishers and web developers should start testing and implementing AMP and making their content pages AMP / ready. Where AMP adoption is growning quickly but still is relatively the new kid on the block, websites with Accelerated Mobile Pages submitted in Search console is increasing, where structured content is already more popular with over 10 million websites valid. motivates using standardized schemas for structured data on the mobile internet, on websites, in emails, and way more digital media. is basically a standardized language which can be implemented with many encoding types to interpret content, like Microdata, JSON-LD and RDFa. These languages cover entities and connections between entities and actions. In Search Console you can already mark and high-light your content live on-page based on multiple entity types, this to inform Google how to read your content.

AMP error report in search console navigationIn order to optimze your website further and get also an AMP validation stamp, you should obviously first start by creating an AMP HTML template valid page template with proper mark-up. Post launching your AMP page template and crawl by Google you can check your AMP Error Report in Google Search Console on any possible errors.

This report can be found in the navigation structure under: Search Appearance > Accelerated Mobile Pages as shown to the left.  These insights served by Google in the AMP Error Report will help developers get feedback on specific mobile experience issues and error types in their AMP template. This information will help developers optimizing their websites for the most optimal mobile browsing experience including distribution of content and finally get awarded by users and finally also Google.

google accelerated mobile pages error report

Basic Insight of the AMP Error Report

To get started with it as said, you need to create valid and corresponding AMP page templates with relevant content and valid mark-up. In a nutshell, the AMP Error Report provides a detailed overview of the entire situation on your site. It provides drill down capabilities to specific URLs and the particular error type on page to check AMP page rich snippets. As a result, developers are now able to determine the most major problems on page level. The AMP error report enables you to inspect any detailed AMP error URL and error element. .

amp error report example explanation

Once understood and fixed, which can be as simple as tweaking your AMP template, mark-up or plugin used for your specific set-up. The identified issues and bug fixes should be systematically be obtained in all your page AMP templates and future development endeavours to ensure becoming fully AMP compliant over-time across all your digital media properties.

Today, more people become interested in AMP HTML and how it affects their site performance experience-wise and also seo-wise how the efforts are yielding in search result pages with other search engine updates as Google Knowledge Graph.

Google Encourages Webmasters and Developers to Send Feedback

AMP HTML is one of the latest innovation by Google developers and partners like WordPress and Twitter in the specific area of mobile web performance optimization. They are actively asking for your support and feedback on this open-source project and supporting tools as AMP error reporting. Based on the feedback given they will refine and further mature the tools and AMP it self for the best mobile experience. This means they can only realize their objectives with support of- and adoption by the world-wide open source community to really make the impact on global scale required to optimize mobile browsing experience and unburden over-utilized infrastructure. You can leave your feedback on the AMP project team regardless the type of your quiry or issues on Github.

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