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As technology and mobile phone usage has expanded over the years, it has caused for major companies to come up with strategic optimization for mobile devices to provide users with faster and more efficient content in a matter of seconds. In 2015 Google, along with WordPress came up with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which is basically HTML with some restrictions for a good mobile performance and some AMP specific extensions and components to enable developers building rich content beyond the basics anytime and anywhere.

Today everyone wants faster internet on their mobile phone both on WIFI and when they are on the move, but due to the excessive rich content of photos and videos causes an overload on your mobile device and constricts the internet connection to become slow. But now there is the Accelerated Mobile Pages project by Google. AMP is specifically designed for mobile experience optimization and has been proven to give great results making mobile browsing 4x faster than standard HTML pages. Statistics have shown over 56% mobile users around the world will be using AMP.  A recent study conducted for the UK by Sistrix showed how many of the keywords tracked showed at least one AMP result within the mobile Google search results. Looking at the top-100 Google Mobile SERPs for a keyword, they found out that at least one AMP result for a whopping 82% of them.

AMP HTML adoption in United Kingdom

WordPress Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin

Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugins provide WordPress publishers a very easy way to systemize and make page content templates compliant with the AMP HTML framework. The plugins main purpose is to simplify the creation of AMP valid HTML, CSS and JavaScript assets. WordPress websites that take on the AMP framework with either a custom theme or a plugin as alternative version gain speed improvement of up to 85% due to theme resource caching by the AMP CDN. When these plugins are activated Google bots will be able crawl the AMP page version of the respective URL in time and enables the AMP indication in the search engine pages in case the validation passes without issues. Also it will show the recognized AMP versions in Google Search Console.  Some of the other WordPress AMP plugin features include developing a custom AMP theme on your blog in-line with your styling and brand, extend your mobile SEO and a configuration panel that will allow you to modify your mobile AMP theme and set other parameters. Optimize your WordPress mobile website performance beyond only the static content pages.

AMP WordPress plugins  

There are already multiple free and premium AMP plugins available. Mohammad Jangda started off with the first official AMP plugin by WordPress/Automattic. Jangda’s request for support from the GitHub community to fork this project has led to an increase in new AMP HTML plugins for WordPress the past months. Next to the official AMP plugin frequent updates an optimized Twenty-Seventeen WordPress AMP theme is also expected that will conform to the AMP restrictions and WordPress CSS style guide. AMP HTML sitemap is yet another example of a great WordPress AMP plugin compacted to generate a list of AMP HTML URLS and links to your posts on your website page – this can be submitted to Google via a seperated sitemap.xml only containing your AMP pages. Its main objective is to present viewers with a good overview of your work both available in responsive Bootstrap or in AMP HTML.

amp woocommerce amp
Another new great plugin for WordPress WooCommerce based webshops is WooCommerce AMP plugin, a web-shop owner plugin that will make all your shop pages completely AMP valid with a single installation and increases mobile views via search engines. It also gives you the ability to customize everything from shop colors, to font types, alignment, headers, and logos.  This new AMP WooCommerce Plugin enables you to easily integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages for all you webshop pages, incl. product archive pages and of course also the Product detail page template. For any webshop owner, these two are the most popular and most valued pages. So it is of utmost importance these particular pages loading extremely fast without any latency to ensure potential customer will not drop off during the purchase process because loading times of your pages. Get your WooCommerce shop AMP ready today with this premium plugin.

AMP WordPress Themes

AMP templates as you might already know offers also an extensive library of AMP templates for HTML, Blogger and custom WordPress AMP themes. Just a view recently added templates we want to call out:

  • Chap | download theme – A responsive multi-purpose WordPress AMP theme using a Semantic UI with unlimited styling options and an easy wizard to set-up your site in just minutes (really!). This WordPress Accelerated Mobile Page theme is an excellent choice for any modern business, agency, designer or online shop in need for a slick clean design.
    amp theme fow wordpress
  • WP Publisher | download theme – Premium WordPress AMP Theme Publisher is an out-of-the-box AMP ready WordPress magazine theme with great attention to details, incredible features, an intuitive user interface and everything else you need to create outstanding websites and blogs.amp news mobile
  • Onfleek download theme  comes to fulfil your WordPress AMP HTML need with a contemporary creative WordPress magazine theme which is fully AMP ready and valid out-of-the-box. It brings out the flexible, dynamic, and creative culture that explores your interests without boundaries. Designed with clean code and powered with new technology such as Google AMP HTML and Built in Social OAuth, Onfleek is light, fast, and easy-to-use that lets you to slay on mobile and desktop search rank.Onfleek - Google AMP WordPress THEME
  • AMP News Mobile | download template –  Extremely Fast Mobile News AMP HTML Template now available and powered by the newest framework designed by Google; Accelerated Mobile Pages or just AMP! This template validates 100% in the AMP HTML validator tool, and loads amazingly fast and is equipped with tons of premium AMP components and features like a cool footer menu for an optimal mobile user experience! Click here for more details about this template
  • Tasty | download template is a hassle-free non WordPress AMP template and the best AMP Restaurant template available, just perfect for restaurant owners to make awesome mobile-ready restaurant websites in 2017. The beautiful design aspects of Tasty are: it is well balanced and super clean, makes beautiful use of typography and mood photography to create an online restaurant experience for mobile, and with the ability to display some menu high-lights, slick design tables and main sliders.

User, developers, creators, designers, and businesses are saying,” AMP is the future of our Internet.”  Are you AMP ready yet? Keep an eye on our blog and download section to stay tuned on Accelerated Mobile Pages.

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