AMP it up! - AMP Templates

Another great WordPress plugin to enable AMP on your WP blog is; AMP it up! You will be able to make become AMP ready with no preliminary knowledge nor programming skills. You basically download and activate the plugin and dynamically Google complaint AMP versions of your webpages are generated. The steps are simple for installing and activating the plugin just like any other WP plugin.

The main enhancing and distinctive feature of this AMP HTML WP plugin- AMP it up is that it generates the amp pages via an self-hosted AMPHTML generator of

Download the latest version, this is currently compatible up to 4.5.3. The bare minimu requirement is 2.0, or higher.

The update frequency is medium as the most recent update of AMP WP Plugin was about one month ago. About 70+ active installation of the plugin by WordPress users.

The support thread issues have been resolved perfectly in the last two months.

You can download this WordPress AMP plugin for free.