AMP - AMP Templates

Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) by using this “official” WordPress plugin by Automattic and add AMP support to your website.

Once you have downloaded, installed and activated the plugin, AMP is active on your blog posts. The plugin will dynamically generate AMP compatible versions of each blog post accessible by appending the URL with /amp/. Archive and pages are not yet supported by the AMP plugin. The key function of this AMP plugin is that it only creates an AMP version of the content based on a standard AMP WordPress theme and will only be displayed to user accessing your website via a mobile device. Via the implementation of cannonical urls Google is informed about the original post to prevent duplicate content issues.

The AMP plugin is compatible up to 4.5.3 and requires PHP 4.4 or higher. AMP plugin is updated frequently to align to the latest developemenys. There are 70,000 plus active installation of the plugin by users.

The issues regarding plugin support threads have been resolved. AMP plugin is, therefore, the best recommendation to enable basic valid AMP support for mobile page optimization and it will losd your blog much faster and more efficiently.