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mobnews homeMobNews is a HTML5, CSS3, Responsive, AMP template. Of course the html template is totally AMP valid.

GULP is the builder for distribution or production packages. NUNJUCKS template engine is used for better, logical pages. Gulp task renders Nunjucks pages into HTML files. You don’t have to use those, there are also pre-built HTML files to work with.

Left to right and right to left language supports are present. English for left to right and Arabic for right to left language used. Packages are separate and some css different than each other.

MobNews has a capability of running on offline mode, without internet. Documentation is online, so you can check it before you buy template from here.


MobNews has built under Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) rules.Every page is totally valid. Everything AMP brings on the table are present in MobNews.

GULP TASK RUNNERgulp-js-amptemplates

Todays web development requires a lot of work. With Gulp task runner you can make your work easy. Save more time and release more work then profit.


Working with HTML templates can get frustrating because of same code is present on every page. With some simple logic, use includes, variables and more on HTML.


MobNews comes with LTR and RTL separate templates in one pack. Optimized LTR and RTL css code to make template look good on both languages. English and Arabic used.

mobnews_amptemplatescom_mobilemenuWORKING CONTACT FORM

With MobNews’s contact form you can start using it in no time. It works with SMTP so It is fast and reliable. You can set the sender and receiver.


With structured data, boost your SEO one more step ahead. In MobNews, you will find detailed code for blog pages and generic code for general pages.


MobNews can work completely offline/without internet connection on your visitors second visit. When you open MobNews, background workers will start to store every page on cache.


MobNews’s detailed documentation covers all the complex topics about the template. We tried to explain everything from the start.It is available online and you can check it before buying.

mobnews_amptemplatescom_ampcontactform_googlemapsMOBILE SIDEBAR

MobNews’s custom sidebar design is clean and user friendly. Perfect for small screen devices. Contains an accordion menu for navigation and contact information.


MobNews uses the most popular font icons. It currently has 634 icons. There is almost nothing this family could afford. It’s easy to use and can be styled with CSS.

mobnews_amptemplatescom_carouselpostACCORDIONS AND CAROUSELS

MobNews contains custom styled accordions and carousels. Only AMP script codes and layouts used for these and styling has done separately special for MobNews.


If you are going to put Advertisement on your site AMP handles them the smart way. Check the usage examples on the demo page. There is support for every known ad provider.


AMP provides custom tags for many HTML tags. For audio and video tags for example you can put placeholder or fallback information in case video fails to open.


Responsive grid code has taken from Bootstrap 3 and strip unnecessary code to lower size. Example page contains all columns with presentation layout.


As a full-time ThemeForest author support and updates are waiting for you. When there is an update to any code, template will get updates or to you by support.

Icons Used


Font Used

Generic system fonts for each their own, automatic detection.

Release date:November 17, 2016
Last updated:November 17, 2016
Current version:v1.0
Product type:AMP HTML Template
File format:RAR-file, JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP
Requirements:IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Price:$14.00 $

  • HTML5, CSS3 and Fully Responsive
  • NUNJUCKS template engine
  • LTR and RTL support
  • Mobile Sidebar
  • Offline Mode