amptemplatescom v letters amp blogger template

amptemplatescom v letters amp blogger template

Blogger is one of the earliest dedicated blog-publishing tools that is credited for popularising the format. We did expect Blogger to have this accelerated mobile loading capability with the launch of AMP. But No! Not until recent at least. You can now download these AMP Blogger Templates for free directly from AMP Templates. AMP is now also available for users.

Vletters AMP Blogger Template is an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) ready template for Google Blogger. It’s a minimal stylish design, your website with load in just a few seconds with this highly optimized template for your Blogger blog. The best thing it is completely free via our website for your disposal. Just download it for free. This template is next to AMP ready fully SEO friendly and is designed with a mobile first mind-set, and so extremely mobile-friendly. Vletters AMP template is ultra responsive.

  • amptemplatescom_v_letters_full_amp_bloggertemplateBuild With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) HTML
  • AMP Ready All Pages
  • Mobile Friendly – check
  • Fully Responsive Design – check
  • Validated Structured Data – check
  • SEO Ready – check
  • Homepage Custom Post with Grid and List
  • Slot Ads Ready
  • AMP Adsense ready
  • High CTR
  • Responsive Ad Slot
  • Build with HTML5
  • Build with CSS3
  • Support SSL/HTTPS
  • Fast loading
  • Advance Search Engine Optimization
  • AMP Social Share Button
  • Auto resize thumbnail image
  • Disqus Comment Ready
  • Show Disqus Comment Event Click
  • Custom Popular Post Widget with Thumbnail
  • Search Column Responsive valid AMP
  • Valid
  • Sidebar Right
  • Breadcrumbs SEO
  • Dyamic Heading
  • Custom Error 404 Page
  • Compatible with major browsers (IE8+,Mozilla,Chrome,Safari)

Enabling #Google Accelerated Mobile Pages ⚡ AMP on Blogger blogs (for Blogspot) requires AMP HTML coding and developement skills to make a Blogger template AMP ready. AMP HTML has strict ruling to properly integrate AMP HTML & AMP components into your Blogger template. Take specifc notice to the following best practices to make your own amp html blogger template:

Don’t use external javascripts/CSS files in your source code – remove any Blogger styles & functions:

  • Don’t use any unsupported HTML attributes when developing your AMP pages.
  • Removing all inline CSS & Javascripts which is automatically included by any of your Blogger widgets used.
  • Also all your images html tags have to be replaced with the specific AMP-image component offer by AMP HTML.

A complete guide and tutorial on what website owners are required to take off is in detailed explain on our AMP Template Blog. Here you can find AMP code examples, example tutorial & guides on how to integrate AMP HTML components into your own Blogspot template.

Release date:November 1, 2016
Last updated:November 1, 2016
Current version:1.0
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  • AMP Ready All Pages
  • Disqus Comment Ready
  • Adsense Responsive Ad Slot
  • Advance Search Engine Optimization
  • AMP Social Share Button