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Google shared a “journey” of how web developers can use AMP HTML (accelerated mobile pages) to make their e-commerce website ready for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google mentioned specifically, “AMP is a good fit for e-commerce as AMP makes websites perform much faster, and short loading times of your product pages mean an increase in conversions.” So AMP is now also available for all WooCommerce based webshops – Make all your shop pages, including product detail pages fully AMP compliant with the Best WooCommerce AMP plugin.


This new AMP WooCommerce Plugin enables you to easily integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages for all you webshop pages, incl. product archive pages and of course also the Product detail page template. For any webshop owner, these two are the most popular and most valued pages. So it is of utmost importance these particular pages loading extremely fast without any latency to ensure potential customer will not drop off during the purchase process because loading times of your pages.


AMP WooCommerce plugin features:

  • Creates Dedicated AMP Pages
    The AMP plugin creates dedicated AMP pages for your WooCommerce Shop, category and the Product detail pages. This plugin will help in an Instant & Lightening Fast Loading of your mobile web pages anywhere from 15 to 85% faster than the non-AMP version of those page.
  • AMP Pages can be fully customized to fit all your design needs-
    The dedicated AMP page template designs can be fully customized. The developer can customize the shop colors, logo, font types and alignment of header for the AMP pages.
  • Insert your Google Analytics Id to track your AMP visitors 
    User can add the Google Analytics Id which can be later used for the tracking purposes. It will help you track the path visitors take through your site, and goal conversion lets you measure how visitors complete specific tasks (such as reaching a product page or contact form).
  • Hide/Show AMP Icon
    Admin can show or hide the AMP icon. This icon is useful if you have a webpage and want to check it’s AMP version. Clicking on the AMP icon will show up the AMP version for the page.


Other features of the AMP WooCommerce plugin for WordPress:

  • Creates Dedicated AMP pages of all shop pages
  • Integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics
  • Easy to change the fonts to match your brand
  • Easy management of all Alignements
  • Customize all Colors to meet your brand
  • Hide and Show the AMP icon
Release date:December 15, 2016
Last updated:December 19, 2016
Current version:1
Product type:WordPress AMP plugin
File format:zip
File size:750kb
Requirements:WordPress, WooCommerce
Price:$49.00 $

  • Premium WooCommerce AMP plugin
  • Make all shop pages AMP ready
  • Search Engine Optimized