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Why Google Will Rank AMP Html Optimized Website Higher In 2016

Every digital marketeer today wants only one thing and that is higher organic search rankings of their websites. No matter what one is trying to sell, a higher ranking website always helps in spreading business and then later on increasing profits.

So far SEO strategists have been trying to formulate ideas and tricks to make the online content more attractive and more friendly for Google by using for example valid mark-up for your structured data. SEO has kept changing over the years with a wide variety of optimization techniques being applied now. This trend, however, keeps changing as Google soon figures out how companies are adding fluff with Google bots friendly schemes and getting a higher ranking.

This has led to various changes over the years with the latest announcement that Google Will Rank AMP Html Optimized Website Higher In 2016. This is not the first of the kind and has been reached after a series of much needed changes.

Google’s AMP framework is open-source and is for you to be used on your websites for free. Making your webpage AMP ready will make your website easier for your target audiences to access. See your AMP pages as the optimal optimization to get awarded with your own news- and trend-based extension based on Google’s Knowledge Graph, where featured snippets and engaging content is brought to your audiences’ directly, at the top of the search engine listings.

Some Interesting Google Search algorithm Updates In The Last Few Years

  • Google 2016 Update: Continuing with the last year update, it has been realized how important it is for websites to be mobile friendly and so this update will favor the websites on various aspects related to mobile usability, unsure into what kind of impact AMP HTML readiness will have on the current ranking factors yet.We do know it increases the speed of mobile browsing up to 85%. Google will only love you when everybody else will loves you first. With loading speed op like this, no one will be complaining.
  • 2015 Update: This year it was realized that more and more people use mobiles for their internet browsing and basically everything else to search. Therefore, it was only reasonable that the websites, which were more mobile friendly, were favored.

AMPHTML SEO 2016 Google algorithm updates

  • 2014 Update: In 2014 local searches became more popular, which meant that the rankings were made based on how relevant the content is to the locality where it is being used. This brought in local SEO and other such techniques.
  • 2013 Update: This was considered one of the major updates in terms of algorithms with searches moving to semantics.
  • 2012 Update: These update were known as Penguin and page lay-out and were aimed at punishing all the websites that over optimized keywords by cramming them in the content instead of putting any meaningful content. Also the ones who had too much space for ads on top were penalized.
  • 2011 Update: In 2011 Google penalized all those websites that were using unfair means to get higher in the ranking. Back in the day having content farms, a lot of ads and other such tricks helped a website’s rankings. This was called Panda.

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