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As presently digital media users agressively are shifting towards mobile web and leaving desktops, hence the way they consume media is also drastically changing by the day. We are living in a world where people eat content for breakfast, from each and every source; sometimes the engagement takes place directly on owned media like the website of the publisher but often it is not and we consume the content alternative referring media and sources. We all know that mobile apps, specifically native apps,  can be more frustrating for information extraction and low performance and that is the main reason behind ongoing research towards more user friendly alternatives. In most of cases, these alternative solutions limit to be platform specific and not really open to integrate with and ultimately we end up by placing burden on publishers so that fragmentations of content formats can be supported in much better manner via mobile web.

AMP Demo Accelerated Mobile Pages AndroidAccelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will speed up the mobile web

At least, that is Google’s goal with its latest initiated open source project called; Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The goal of this project is to speed up the performance of mobile web and optimize websites so these will load much faster on a mobile phone.

Accelerated Mobile Pages webpages are displayed in a different way. The use of JavaScript is greatly restricted and external scripts are not allowed. Tracking your AMP pages with the Google Analytics amp-pixel in the same convenient way as you always did. CSS is more than welcome in AMP HTML pages, but preferably the CSS is part of the source code and not added as external source preventing Google to load this from the AMP CDN.

These 3rd party external scripts and other polluting elements are avoided in AMP pages and replaced by custom amp html elements. Also CSS is limited in AMP pages, so you can see AMP as a stripped-down optimized HTML version next to your original web version. With the current adoption rate of mobile the question will be how long you still need a web page and when you can switch to your soley-mobile optimized page.

Accelerated Mobile Pages by Google. Try it yourself!

What is Google AMP HTML? Test Google Search in AMP mode by starting your browser on your mobile phone, and visit https://goo.gl/dkGWp3. Then search your brand or AMP HTML Templates or WordPress Themes to see Google Search AMP version live in action.

WordPress and Twitter partner alongside Google in AMP HTML project.

Google is working on this project not on it’s own but understands close collaboration with other industry leaders with boost adoption of AMP HTML. So in close collaboration with WordPress, Twitter, Adobe, Pinterest and LinkedIn AMP gets support of world’s best developers. WordPress is the entrepeneur in this initiative and released a WordPress plugin that enables you to send your static website content as AMP content to Google. Next to this, Twitter developed a special tag that you can place in your code around your embedded tweets. Both companies involved are expected to add more AMP HTML capabilities to their platforms to leverage their wide reach and hit the critical mass of impacted AMP pages to really make the WWW faster. More to come.

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