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In case you are wondering why you should use AMP HTML for your website, it is the best idea to take a close look at the benefits that mobile users and developers can get from this special type of HTML.

AMP HTML increases loading speed

According to some studies, an average mobile device user will leave the website he has visited if the website doesn’t load completely after 4 seconds. This means that, speed is crucial for the success of any website. Of course, this is true only if you are interested in mobile users, but the fact is that their number is growing all the time, so missing mobile users is a huge mistake. So, implementation of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) HTML will guarantee faster loading speed from 20% to up to 85%. This difference is especially noticeable in users who rely on 3G connection. This increased speed is not beneficial only for mobile users. Developers can easily check and eliminate any errors on the pages in case something goes wrong. In other words, they can fix problems faster.

Responsive WordPress HTML5 template version:
Load Time First Byte Start Render DOM Elements Time Requests
First View 4.716s 0.679s 4.279s 290 4.716s 48
AMP HTML template version:
Load Time First Byte Start Render DOM Elements Time Requests
First View 2.951s 0.673s 1.610s 61 2.951s 17

What HTML AMP can do for the loading speed of your static web pages can best be illustrated with a head to head comparision. This speed performance test has been performed from New York, NY USA with Chrome on a cable connection.  Speed Index for the AMP page template is 2,709 (-1,678 / 38.2%). Our AMP page has a 38% better speed index than our HTML5 version. Below video gives the best comparison for our specific set-up on AMPtemplates.com, running on WordPress 4.2.4 and Godaddy optimized WordPress hosting.

The Load Time on Webpagetest.org is measured as the time from the start of the initial navigation until the beginning of the window load event (onload). The below waterfall breakdown of the page load shows clearly less requests and shorter connection/load times per element on the AMP page template version.

comparison page loading speed html5 vs amp html

AMP HTML is compatible with CSS

For those who didn’t know, CSS is actually a style language that sets the layout of HTML docs in terms of fonts, margins, colors, background images, lines etc. So, if you use AMP HTML as a developer, you will be able to come up with unique and attractive design solutions for your mobile website. Experienced developers can create good navigation and overall user experience. On the other hand, mobile users will enjoy beautiful websites that won’t make their devices crash and they won’t miss a thing present on the website.

Check below demo of a Responsive HTML5 vs AMP HTML blog post

AMP HTML Demo - Responsive HTML vs AMP HTML - amptemplates.com demo

AMP HTML is open-source platform

In other words, developers can perform experiments, add their new solutions and test some of their expectations in order to create better and faster mobile sites. So, AMP HTML supports the creativity in developers and doesn’t limit them with solutions that must follow certain rules and regulations. It is very easy to make mobile sites faster and more user friendly if you know how to use this HTML in the right way.

AMP HTML is good for search engine rankings

This concept was developed by Google, so it is quite natural for Google to “support” websites that work with AMP HTML. The more visitors you have the better ranking you can expect. AMP HTML is the best solution for mobile users, so there is a good chance that the amount of time they spend on the website will increase and the bounce rate will drop. All these things will affect your final ranking in the search engine results.

AMP HTML helps developers create better websites faster

This is very simple concept that any experienced developer can understand fast. In addition, they can come up with better monetization plans thanks to the unique HTML platform. You can read more here on our AMP HTML blog.

Paul Bakaus is a Developer Advocate for Google Chrome and the Open Web at Google and is responsible for optimizing DevTools. He presented below introduction on AMP HTML at SFHTML5 2015.

As you can see there are numerous benefits of using AMP HTML. This type of HTML is good for the developers, website owners and mobile users too.

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