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WordPress is one of the key partners of Google on the AMP project. Actually it is Automattic. Automattic is the company behind Wordpress.com and provides many services build on top of what started as a blog engine but is today most complete and most used open source content management system in the world. Matthew Mullenweg and Ryan Boren are Automattic’s most known leaders and senior developers at WordPress. Mohammad Jangda, web developer at Automattic is assigned to this prestige AMP project and has already launched a quick AMP plugin for WordPress. The current version of the WordPress plugin available in directory has just been released but we expect more smaller updates and fixes the upcoming period as the plugin is still in very early stage. Actually Mohammad requested your support on Github to contribute to this project. The wp-amp is also active on our website for a couple of weeks and our developers are working on a new optimized AMP template more aligned to our css style guide. You can check this by opening a random blog on our website on your mobile and appending the URL with  /amp/ to check the results. Currently the WP-AMP plugin is not supporting any archive, categorie, portfolio or page template yet.

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Installing WordPress Plugin WP-AMP 0.2 to make your WordPress site AMP compliant.

So now you know WordPress Plugin WP AMP version 0.2 is the plugin which supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project that has purpose to provide mobile optimized content that can load instantly without any development activities to your current theme template files. Basically it is an one-click installation but requires more advanced customization to make it fully matching your current front-end experience as it comes with an out-of-the-box template.

Once the plugin is activated, all posts on your WordPress blog will output dynamically an AMP compatible HTML version. You can check this by adding /amp/ to the end of your permalinks. Permalinks are the links or urls to an individual blog post in which they are pivotal for linking to an exact blog entry. However, if your blog does not have custom search engine friendly permalinks set up yet, you can do the same by adding ?amp=1 to the end of your permalinks. WordPress offers you the choosing permalink style which suits your information architecture best but we do suggest using a logical structure for best experience and optimization for search engines.

wordpress wp-amp plugin officialThere are two ways that can be used for installing the WordPress WP-AMP plugin. We suggest always downloading plugins directly from the plugin library within your WordPress admin rather than downloading the file to your local drive first. There is no added value to do so and you only increase security risks. If you use the suggested way, the plugin will be safe from any virus.

Just log in to WordPress dashboard and click ‘Plugins’. Then, click ‘Add new’.  After that, type the keyword “AMP html“. and click ‘search plugin’. Many plugins may appear but choose the official AMP plugin by Automattic as they are currently the only official affiliated partner to Google. After that, click ‘install now’ and ‘active plugin’. Finally, the plugin has done to be configered to work well.

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  1. It just work in posts. May i use it for all content as Woocommerce?

    I’m trying to implement it on several sites…


    • AMP HTML is initially not intended for WooCommerce product pages or any other e-commerce platform products. It is meant for loading news sites, content and posts faster, hence themes and plugins are developed for this particular purpose. Pages are also not yet supported, check out the official AMP project details, as to when various types of WordPress and WooCommerce content will be indexed: https://www.ampproject.org/docs/support/faqs.html

  2. Please take a look on our new plugin for creating Accelerated Mobile Pages on WordPress site – Link to codecanyon: http://goo.gl/cVbyg3

  3. How can I insert adsense code in the AMP page?


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